Thursday, May 7, 2009

crafting non-update

With all the illness and teething and miserable boobages around here, there has been no crafting going on. Ah, well. I do have photos of a few more things though -- some are on my etsy site at and some are not.
The little blue dress I made for Veda a few weeks ago. It is made from an old skirt and an old men's shirt. I like it a lot, but it is too big right now, so will have to wait. The ball is a needlefelted jingle ball that's on the etsy site along with the little shirt. THe shirt was an old one that I tie dyed then appliqued with some fabric scraps. I dig the mushroom motif. (cuz I lika the shrooms...the wildcrafted edible kind, of course!)

the crazies

It seems like life throws the crazy stuff at you in fistfuls...not ever in manageable bite-sized morsels.

I guess it's common knowledge that things go along okay for a short time, then suddenly -- powpowpow -- you get socked with a whole lot of nuttiness all at once. But I just never get used to it.

I'm drained right now. The flying fistfuls of awfulness have finally got me down. The whole family...including me...have been sick with this rotten, dragging-on fever/sore throat/body ache thingie for a week. There was this weird twister the other night that knocked out power and took down trees and squashed my new garden pretty flat. THe baby is getting another tooth and screams and screams all night so there's no rest for any of the weary and sick. Worst of all, my dang boobies are in agony. I let princess nurse too much during her illness, and now I have excruciating sore nipples. And guess what? Yep. All she wants to do right now while she's teething is nurse.

I guess, you know, this is just life. That thing that's not for sissies (or is that old age? I always confuse those.). But right now, even with the persistence of that indescribable shade of pale spring green practically tumbling through my windows, I am feeling pretty down and out. Physically more than mentally, I guess, which is somewhat of a beacon of hope.

So for now, I breathe. In and out. Just this moment. And this one. And this one. And I just have to remember to ride it until it levels out...and gather my strength for more.