Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This will be short...I started to write something about a dream I had last night, but when I read it it just sounded ridiculous, so I resorted to a mere account of what I am doing right now...right at this moment, which is this:

I am sitting at my computer, it is 8pm on the night of the final presidential debates (I should turn them on!), Scott and the Boy have taken Baby Boss to wally-world for a few minutes to give me a tiny island of time in this day all for myself -- well, almost. I had to do the dishes before I sat down here..better to do them now than have to do them later when the baby is driving me nuts, right? Anyway, this is it. This is my time. It's one is asking me one needs one is trying to tell me something...this is all for me.

(((smile))) I really don't quite know what to do...

I think maybe I'll just....SIT. And. Do.

Nothing. :-)

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