Thursday, December 30, 2010

Making Maeve

This is Maeve. She is the Waldorf "heavy doll" I made for Veda's Christmas gift. Making this "simple" doll was waaayyy more complicated than I had anticipated, but it was very rewarding and enjoyable as well.

I made her from raw sheep's wool that I cleaned and carded, pieces of cotton fabric from an old t-shirt and wool yarn. The hair was very labor-intensive! I wound wool yarn around a rectangular piece of cardboard, taped the sides with painters tape to hold it in place, cut the loops on the sides and stitched down the middle. Then I had to hand-sew each strip onto her head. It took forever!

Her head is a ton of tightly packed wool. Her body contains wool and some lentils to give her weight. I made the clothes from an old t-shirt. I also made her a little wool hat from an old sweater and a backpack so Veda can carry her around like a baby.

Most of the instructions I found in this book, but I had to look up how to make the hair online. I also added the lentils myself because I wanted her to have weight.


Lyndsey said...

That's an AMAZING dolly! I'm working on a knit one for Kaius right now...same type of waldorfy design, and the hair is INSANE.For my pattern, I'm having to loop each strand individually into the knitted head. It's a neverending process. One lady wrote that it took 4 straight HOURS of non-stop hair attaching before she was done...and she makes these all the time. Arrg! Why is doll hair so intensive? I never would have guessed.

I want to see the backpack!

Gina said...

YES! The hair is crazy. It's sort of meditative, though. It took me about a week of sewing every night to get it all finished. You know, I do think I'd like to make another doll for her soon, though!