Wednesday, March 31, 2010

out like a lamb

Veda wearing a shirt made for me by my grandmother when I was a baby and a pair of cotton pants I made for her.

I took a pair of jeans that Birch had outgrown and used some scraps from some old cordouroy pants to make...voila! pants for the hip, discerning child.

This has been a hard year so far. Financial woes like I never really imagined possible, including ridiculous issues with banks, insurance companies and the state government that ended up costing us many hundreds of dollars in "idiot fees." Illness...bizarre, mutated illnesses that seemed to go on forever. Gloomy weather...rain, unseasonable cold, even snow this late in the year...but always the gloom.

Yuck. Well, I'm glad it's over. Here's to April!

And with April comes my Month of Poems. For the entire month of April I will write a poem each and every day. And YES haiku counts.

One thing I did do a lot of in March, besides using my neti pot and taking care of sick people, was sewing. Made lots of pants for the family. Repurposed some old jeans for Birch and Scott and sewed Veda a couple of new pairs of pants using some pretty cotton and cordouroy I was given. Also, March brought me my spiffy new "sewing closet." Scott converted the junk closet in our computer/dining/play room into an area for my sewing machine and stuff. Very cool!

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Daryl M. said...

Those are some awesome pants on the B-Man. Wish I had a pair.